California's National Parks

Explore the Park Sites of the Golden State

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Throughout California, you'll discover a wide variety of landscapes – from the warm, arid deserts of southeastern region near Palm Springs, to the idyllic, seaside weather of San Diego, all the way to the cool and damp northern reaches of the Bay Area and North Coast. Because California's such a diverse, patchwork of climates and terrains, the national parks in the state also reflect this. 

Choose any of the 23 California National Parks. Some of the most famous and popular include Yosemite National Park, Alcatraz Island, and Joshua Tree National Park. Some are important historical landmarks like the Port Chicago Magazine National Monument, and Cesar E. Chavez National Monument

Others simply yield full days of exceptional outdoor recreation. Kings Canyon National Park features excellent hiking, while Whiskeytown National Recreation Area near Redding is home to three premier lakes for boating.